Wednesday, 2 July 2014

.: my finished Social Tote! :.

The fabulous Lorena flew up from Sydney to teach a couple of Social Tote classes here in Brisbane over the weekend.  I went along to Lorena's Sunday class, along with lots of lovely ladies from the Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild. 

I can safely say that I would NEVER have been able to finish this little Tote without Lorena's help - she explained and demonstrated all the tricky bits in the pattern so well.  Constructing the lining is particularly difficult without a few extra tips - Lorena helped it to all make sense.

Lorena was really helpful on our little Social Tote Facebook group in the weeks and days leading up to the class too, and answered lots of questions about the prep work we all did before the class.  I enjoyed all the preparation for the Tote - choosing the fabrics, cutting everything out and quilting the side panels.  I was SO HOPEFUL of finishing my Tote completely on Sunday, since I'd completely over-prepared - this is what I'd packed to take along - finished side panels, including handles, pockets and quilting DONE - pincushion DONE - binding READY.  Plus all my pattern pieces cut, interfaced, labelled and ready to roll.

And I nearly got there - at the end of the class, I had my binding sewn on - very badly, with the lining all bunchy - but still, it was ON!  

{{my table buddies Jane and Lynda}}

Now for some fabric details.  There are four different designers in this little Tote:
- PennyCandy Amy (the black/white chalk letters on the outside of the Tote + the 'love letters' on the handles and pincushion + the 'King of Cups' on the sides of the pincushion).
- Erin McMorris (the 'Hello' lining fabric).
- Aunty Cookie/Shannon Lamden (the blue Cookies on the pincushion and the pockets).
- Martha Negley (the green feathers on the handles and binding).

I've filled my Tote already with a stack of unfinished hexie-flowers, and plan to slowly stitch away  during the school holidays with a glass of wine (or mug of herbal tea) and night-time television. 

Here are all our Totes at the end of Lorena's class - there were so many fabulous fabric choices, I had quite a few favourites!

And here is gorgeous Lorena (on the right) with gorgeous Jane, who was her host for the weekend, and who finished her Tote completely during the class - that's Jane's up there with the fabulous Echino fabrics, hot pink lining and Melody Miller clock pincushion. 

I'm so happy that Lorena was able to come up for the weekend and that I was able to go along to the class, it was a lot of fun, and I'm very happy with my little Tote ... despite its wonky binding and bunchy lining!  If ever you get a chance to do a class taught by Lorena, I'd jump at it, she's so talented, lovely and very generous with her time and knowledge.  Hope your week is going well.  xoxo cat


  1. Totally adorable Cat! The fussy cut prints are just perfect:)

  2. This is just insane. Insanely beautiful. I don't even know what else to say. You make me blush--I'm so proud you choose my fabric to make your magic.

  3. love your tote and the others look fab too !


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