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.: QuiltCon 2015 - (some of) the quilts - post one:.

So I went to QuiltCon in Austin, Texas - and it surpassed every expectation I had.  It was wonderful on so many levels.  Probably by far and away the best thing about it was meeting and being surrounded by people who "get" me and what I love to do - since they all love the same thing too.  A close second were the quilts, lectures, classes and vendor hall, all wrapped up together.

I have so many photos to share, and have been wondering how to divvy them up between posts.  So I think I'll be posting maybe five posts about QuiltCon! - starting with some fabulous quilts.  I'll do a separate post to share the quilts shown by some fabulous Australian quilters, do.GoodStitches groups and Gees' Bend.  And another post to share pics of awesome people, lectures and classes.  Bear with me - or just keep on clicking if you'd rather not endure QuiltCon-overload!

Let's start with the quilt that won 'Best in Show'.   This is 'I Quilt', designed, pieced and quilted by Kathy York of Austin MQG.  In Kathy's words (from the card next to her quilt) "At times I feel alone, but I am not.  I am supported by many friends and family.  These are the little "i" blocks that make up the big central "i".  The other "i" blocks in the field are for all the people I have never met that support my life".

[all the fabulous ribbons were made by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson!]

This is the back of Kathy's quilt - a gorgeous quilt in itself! 

This next quilt I really love - the piecing and the quilting.  It's 'The Rabbit Hole', designed, pieced and quilted by Nydia Kehnle, an individual MQG member from New York state.  It won first prize for 'Improvisation'.  Nydia said it didn't start life as a quilt, but as an improv exercise to move past a form of writer's block.  The quilting is gorgeous, and has been done on both machine and by hand, in a variety of thread-brands, colours and weights. 

This next quilt is mesmerising.  I saw it develop on instagram! - and it was amazing to see it up close in person.  It's 'Face #1', designed, pieced and quilted by Melissa Averinos, and squared and bound by Suzanne Whiteside.  Melissa is an individual MQG member from Massachusetts, and this quilt is, according to her words on her information card, the most favourite thing she has ever made.  It's fully improvised - Melissa drew on her experience as a painter to design and piece this gorgeous quilt.  It's not based on a drawing or photograph, and no charts or computers were involved.  Amazing.  'Face #1' was in the Improvisation category, and won a Judges' Choice award.  

This next quilt is a beautiful dream.  It's 'Blackbird Fly' by the gorgeous Krista Hennebury, and won first prize in the Negative Space category.  I had the pleasure of meeting Krista - she is a member of the Vancouver MQG and was staying in the same hotel.  She is very talented, generous, spirited and lovely.  In Krista's words, she carefully chose the fabrics for this quilt, so that reading the words would take thoughtful, deliberate reading.  The words are not meant to jump out at you, but rather "draw the viewer in to a place of calm interpretation".  The words are from 'Blackbird Fly' by Paul McCartney, and the letter-patterns are from the Proverbial Quilt Pattern by Denyse Schmidt. 

This next quilt, 'Emergent', won first prize for Piecing, and is by Kari Vojtechovsky, an individual MQG member from Colorado.  In Kari's words, "[t]he intent was to create interest and movement in a bold, graphic quilt that has no traditional quilt block.  I really love the colours Kari has used, and that the quilt is really bold and graphic - it definitely caught your eye as you walked past it at the show.

And now - last quilt for today's post - "Lost and Found in Translation" by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, an individual MQG member from New York City!  I am so thrilled to have met Victoria at QuiltCon - we took a couple of fun pics with fake-Jane (more about that in another post!) - I went to Victoria's excellent "Creativity: Make It, Find It, Use It" lecture last Saturday (but more about that in another post too!).  Victoria is a wonderful person - oh so talented, generous, positive, funny and warm.  Her lecture was so great and inspiring.  It was an absolute treat to spend a bit of time talking with her. 

In Victoria's words (from the card next to her quilt) "I was lost and uninspired by the improv portion of this quilt, staring at it up on my design wall for weeks. I played with a double wedding ring pattern to tell the story of the struggle, seeing what kind of visual energy was produced when two different design elements push each other like the magnetic principle 'that opposite poles attract'.  Through 'play and pushing my process' I found the translation/answer/happy ending!"  Sherri Lynn Wood inspired the original 'idea' for Victoria's initial improv portion of the quilt, though this is not Sherri Lynn's design.  

I so need to buy Victoria's 'Double Wedding Ring Quilts' book after meeting her, seeing this quilt and also seeing her quilt (and hearing about the process behind it) that won Best in Show at QuiltCon 2013.   She is amazing.

So that's it for today!  I hope you have enjoyed the pics of these gorgeous quilts and the stories behind them.  I'll be back tomorrow with more quilts + stories.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  xoxo cat

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  1. so many awesome and inspiring quilts !! thanks so much Cat ! really looking forward to seeing the next posts and hearing more about Victoria !


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