Monday, 8 June 2015

.: Desert to Sea + By the Block = two books you will love :.

Happy Queen's birthday long weekend to you!  Hope you are enjoying the extra day of sunshine and relaxing time.  We have just had our coldest week of the year so far (freezing for Brisbane-ites at least!), and today is gorgeous and sunny, the perfect winter's day.

I wanted to share a couple of recent book purchases with you - both by wonderful Australian quilters.

Let's start with Desert to Sea.  This was self-published by Jane Davidson (better known as QuiltJane!) and features 10 gorgeous quilts from Australian designers Lorena Uriarte, Danielle Aeuckens, Betty Kerr (who I don't think has a blog or social media page - I'd love to add her link if anyone knows of one), Cathy Underhill, Charlotte Dumesney, Rachaeldaisy and Jeannette Bruce - as well as Jane herself.

Here are a couple of quilts from the book.  'Opal Essence' is by Lorena Uriarte, and I was lucky enough to see it in person last weekend when Lorena was up from Sydney, teaching the quilt at Patches Indooroopilly.  It's really striking - there's a wonderful 3D effect created by the black/grey/white tumbling blocks, and the multi-coloured circles are made from inspired fabric combinations, and really 'pop' out at you.  Lorena is an excellent teacher, and guided us through the different components of the quilt - we're talking y-seams and curves!  The template set (which is not essential, but definitely very handy) is available from Lorena's online shop.  I'm (very slowly) making my blocks out of black/grey/white tumbling blocks, with a range of blues for the circles.

And here is one of Jane's patterns from the book, 'Ladies Day at the Races'.  I am looking forward to seeing it in person (no pressure Jane, but we need to arrange a catch-up!).  I love the combination of different blocks + colours mixed together, they make such a happy quilt.  I'm not sure if Jane is planning on teaching this quilt - or her other quilts from the book - but if you do see that Jane is teaching somewhere, definitely book in for her class, as she is a wonderful teacher and very generous with her time and knowledge.  My 'Nested Churn Dash' was started in one of Jane's excellent classes - also at Patches Indooroopilly. 

By the Block is an Interweave publication by Siobhan Rogers.  It's full of really clever, striking repeated-block designs that sew together very quickly.  In the introduction, Siobhan says her inspiration was to design quilts for people who love to make quilts, but who are time-poor - which is perfect for just about every quilter I know! 

I really love 'Hoo Are You', a half-square triangle quilt from the book - the colour combination, HST-placement, the text print for the background (which is actually one of Siobhan's designs from her Spoonflower shop), and the use of the gorgeous Kristen Doran owl panels.  The back of this quilt is really sweet - I'd show you, but I'd rather you buy the book instead ;-)

Another favourite from the book is the quilt on the cover, 'Colour Burst'.  Siobhan has shared a different version of the quilt inside - love it in these colours too - it's such an effective design, which you could very easily make smaller or larger, depending on whose bed or lounge the quilt will live its life. 

I hope you've been inspired to take a closer look at both of these gorgeous books.  I've included the links to buy them from Amazon (Jane's Desert to Sea) and Booktopia (Siobhan's By the Block) - but I know you can buy Jane's book from Patches Indooroopilly or from Jane's website; and Siobhan may have a few of her books on her website too, and elsewhere online - I was lucky enough to buy my copy from Siobhan, and it came with a fat-quarter of one of her fabulous Spoonflower text-prints!

We'll be back soon - we've got a shop update to share.  In the meantime, we both love hanging out on instagram, so pop by and say hi - I'm @hellofromcat and Vanita is @hellofromvee.  Enjoy the rest of your long weekend.  xoxo cat


  1. I'm not buying any books until we move back but I can't wait to buy these when I do!!

  2. Thank you so much! Xx hopefully next time I'm in Bris we can catch up.


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