Wednesday, 17 September 2014

.: Nested Churn Dash quilt - my first four blocks :.

I started writing this post on Sunday night - intending to share my third and fourth Nested Churn Dash blocks.  When I went to link to the post sharing my first two blocks, I discovered I hadn't ever written a post about any nested churn dashes at all - what blogging madness!

Sooooo, to recap - about a month ago, I went along (with my friend Tracy) to a Nested Churn Dash class at Patches Indooroopilly, taught by the pattern's designer, the wonderful Jane Davidson - widely known in the quilting + fabric worlds as QuiltJane.  Jane's post about the class is here.

Jane is a lovely person and a fabulous teacher - she is very generous with her time and insights, and just so clever and talented with her designs and fabric choices.  It was an absolute treat to spend time with her and to learn from her.  I'd first met Jane as part of our AusModBee - her block was the amazing paper-pieced Refractatorium, which she designed (her finished quilt is here). 

[I think of this block as 'Hello Jane'!]
Before the class, I pre-cut all my blocks and had them all sorted into labelled snap lock bags.  I also made and trimmed all my HST's.  As I've gone for scrappy churn-dashes, I even had a completely nerdy table written up, of all my fabric choices.  Initially I wrote it up to make sure I wasn't repeatng too many fabrics, and if I did, to make sure they weren't in blocks too close together - but I've since referred to it pretty constantly to make sure I'm sewing the right fabrics into the right blocks.  
[don't say anything ... and I DID consider typing it up ... yes ... ]
I decided early to make all my 'background' fabrics for each church dash low volume, and after much deliberation, decided to use Cotton + Steel's navy arrows for the last-round of the churn dash and for the sashing, so the churn dashes will 'float'.

I am loving Jane's pattern - once all your pieces are cut and in block-piles, it's very quick to sew them up.  I sewed my first two blocks one by one, because I really wanted to see them finished, and I've chain-pieced my third and fourth blocks - so much quicker than making them one by one! 

I was going to mix up all the low-volumes, but I'm now happy that I've kept them the same for each 'round'.

And now blocks five to nine are ready to roll onto the chain-piecing production line. 

Happy Wednesday to you all - only three days til the school holidays up here!  Hope your week has been a good one so far. xoxo cat


  1. I can't wait to see it all sewn together - it's going to look so impressive en masse! I really like the idea of the common last layer, good one, Cat. Happy holidays!

  2. These blocks look amazing Cat! And I love the way you listed all of the fabrics to use - so very organised!

  3. I have to agree with the other ladies they look amazing :) Must confess I purchased this pattern but havent done it yet, but the upside is its there when I do hahhahaha.

  4. These are fabulous Cat. I love seeing what you're working on and you always inspire me to do something new and crazy. Love!


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