Monday, 6 April 2015

.: Bob-A-Long - my Big Love Wonky Bob :.

Lovely Jane (of QuiltJane) has released The Bob Bag pattern for a very cute and nifty little take-a-long or sit-on-the-lounge bag, and Angie from GnomeAngel is hosting a little blog-hop to say wahoo and welcome to Bob!

In its original form, the Bob Bag is perfect for holding spools of thread, which would be super-handy for sitting and sewing binding or EPP projects.  In its empty-box form (which I have made), the Bob Bag is perfect for holding all sorts of little-ish things - Clover clips, a tiny sewing kit, hair elastics, bobby pins, washi-tape, safety pins, spare needles, bobbins, glue-sticks, post-it notes, stickers, rubber bands ... oh all sorts of little-ish things.  Click here to see Jane's Bob Bags side-by-side - both the nuts and bolts AND the empty box versions.

I've used two of our little Awesomeville panels for Wonky Bob's lid ... and if I'd put more careful thought into the lid, I would have realised that I needed one panel running one way, and the other panel running the other way, so that when the lid is opened, one of the panels isn't upside down ... there's a hot little tip for anyone planning to use directional fabric.  You're welcome.

The cute navy confetti fabric is a Dear Stella I got from lovely Kath, after she sewed some into my x+ Sew Sisters block - love it.  Inside Wonky Bob is a Cotton+Steel print - one of my favourites - and I used a hot pink zipper, and cut a long-hoarded piece of twill tape, cut horizontally in half, for the zip-band. 

And here's my Big Love Wonky Bob! - I say wonky, because I used comic-board cardboard for the innards - you really do need to use cardboard that's a little thicker - the cardboard from the bottom of a layer-cake would be perfecto, as would template plastic (as Jane does in fact suggest in the pattern!).

I'm loving the wonk, all the same, and my Wonky Bob is perfect for sweetly holding my binding clips next to a cup of tea on the lounge.

And now let's open Wonky Bob's lid to discover upside-down Finn Fox ... yes I DID consider unpicking and re-sewing Finn Fox so he ran the right way, but end-of-school-term and then Easter rode roughshod over my unpicking and re-sewing plans.  I like to think Finn is doing a quiet handstand while contemplating a bit of binding.

For the handle, I used a full-sized piece of the same twill tape - Jane's patterns calls for a much cuter and neater handle-finish, but I ran with this.  By this stage of my post, I'm seriously wondering if there's anything else I could have gone a little off-course with for my Wonky Bob - we've got wonk, an upside-down fox and an oversized handle - and let's be honest, looking at that pic up there, the world's neatest hand-stitching has NOT been happening at my house lately.  But the beauty of Jane's pattern is that the Bob Bag is a little box of cuteness, equally awesome for perfect-sewing and for slightly off-course sewing-tangents - winner.

There are some seriously cute Bob Bags bobbing around on the internet, thanks to Angie's blog-hop - a great mix of spool-holder Bobs and empty-box (which I'm secretly calling 'lazy-girl') Bobs - click through and take a look.  Thanks Jane for another fabulous pattern, and thanks Angie for another fabulous blog-hop!  Hope you've all had a lovely Easter weekend.  xoxo cat

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  1. Oh, I do love some fussy cutting - great use of Big Love! I'm in the throes of putting my Bob together right now..wish me luck!

  2. Love your Bob! I hadn't even thought about getting 3" twill and cutting it - great tip! Love that you used the panels, fabulous idea. Love it. Thanks for being part of the bob-a-long! <3

  3. I love your Bob! Please do tell - where did you get that gorgeous twill tape??? xxx

  4. Fantastic use of your panel Cat! Love the Big Love sitting on top of your Bob Bag -:)

  5. I think your hand stitching looks great I can't even see the stitching on the top, and the twill tape handle is adorable as is.


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