Monday, 13 April 2015

.: a few little makes :.

Hellooooo, hope you've had a great weekend.  Brisbane has finally realised it's autumn and has turned on a little cool weather - thank goodness for that, since a six-month sultry summer is not my idea of a good time.

Today I'm sharing a few little pressies I've made recently.  First up is a mini mini, all in Cotton + Steel, from Camille's mini Dwell pattern (it's a mini mini, since mini Dwell is for nine houses, and I only made one ...).

And now a mini mini Spools (and yep, the pattern is for nine spools) - all in Camille's fabrics, except for the grey/black text, which is Alison Glass.

And last one, a last-minute French-seamed goodie bag for Easter, using an Echino Alice in Wonderland rabbit + some wool felt.

And speaking of Easter, here's a tiny detail from the last Easter bonnet I think will ever make, since this will be our last year of primary school and the annual Easter bonnet parade  ... it's time to officially retire the hot glue gun and the stash of feather boas, teeny animals and styrofoam eggs.

Here's to a great week everyone.  On Friday I'll be back to share pics of my finished Nested Churn Dash quilt - I blogged about the first four blocks way back in September.  It's since been beautifully quilted by Jane Davidson (who also designed the pattern), and I bound it last week during a bit of school holiday television viewing (we've started right back at Season One for Parks + Recreation, loving it all over again).  xoxo cat

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  1. Dont you love a long weekend for playing catch up :) School holidays are an added bonus. Spools are on my to do list along with so many other things :) Happy Churning and Dashing :)


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