Friday, 17 April 2015

.: I Dream in Colour - my finished Nested Churn Dash quilt :.

Way back in September, I went along with my friend Tracy to Jane Davidson's Nested Churn Dash class at Patches Indooroopilly.  Here's my earlier post about it, which includes the super-nerdy fabric table I drew up for the quilt - it's very scrappy, so I wanted to be sure I wasn't repeating fabrics too closely and also that I was spreading colours evenly across the quilt.

It's called 'I Dream in Colour' and will soon be living on my older daughter's bed.  

Each block has a red centre (and there's a pink Cotton + Steel tiger in the middle of the centre block).  

I wanted each block to 'float' and so used Melody Miller's navy Cotton + Steel arrows for the final 'round' of each block, as well as for the sashing and binding.

Jane's class was excellent - she is a very talented designer and quilter, and very generous with her time and knowledge.  She will be teaching another Nested Churn Dash class at Patches very soon - click through on the link up above to contact Patches, if you would like to find out the details.

And as well as designing the quilt pattern and teaching the class, lovely Jane did the beautiful edge-to-edge quilting, in a mint Aurifil thread.

Jane's pattern is really clear - once you have cut and bagged up all your pieces into blocks, it chain-pieces together really quickly.  I sewed my first four blocks one by one, because I really wanted to see them finished! - and then chain-pieced the last five blocks - it was SO much quicker to do it that way.

This centre block is a particular favourite - for the Cotton + Steel tiger and horses, the Mendocino mermaids (did you hear that Windham are reprinting the mermaids?!), the V+A bottles, the Violet Craft bubbles, the Hello's and the little Jane references - look closely :-)

Each block is a favourite, in fact - I took so much care in choosing all the fabrics, writing them up in my nerdy-table, and then spent ages fussy-cutting everything possible.

The words in this one are from one of lovely Pat Sloan's fabric lines.

My finished quilt measures 79 " x 79", so it's a really great size - and thank goodness Brisbane is finally getting a little bit of cooler weather happening, so it can actually be put to use rather than sit folded at the end of the bed.  

You know I'm showing you close-ups of all nine blocks?  You've surely realised that by now?

I nearly went with the Cotton+Steel matches for the binding - or a scrappy mix of mustard-y fabrics - but then decided I wanted to keep the floating-feel of the blocks happening, so continued on with the arrows.

For the back I used a strip of the navy arrows again, but mainly Sarah Watts' Cotton + Steel lions! - love them! - and I used them for the little corner stones too.

I'm so happy with 'I Dream in Colour' - if you get a chance to do a class with Jane, or to buy the pattern and work away on it yourself at home - please do it!

Have a great weekend everyone.  xoxo cat


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. All that planning has been worth it with a fantastic quilt. What a lucky daughter!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. All that planning has been worth it with a fantastic quilt. What a lucky daughter!

  3. What an eye catching quilt. Everything about it is wonderful, from the fussy cutting to the colours, think this will be a favourite in your house for a long time :)

  4. just so freakin awesome Cat ! love every block :)

  5. Such a beautiful and fun quilt. I know your daughter will love every little corner and swatch. I have the pattern ....but so far no plan for fabric, maybe it will come to me in a dream,

  6. I've said it before but those arrows for the last border and sashing are pure genius. Love all the colours surrounded by the navy, beautiful work, this is my favourite execution of this pattern.


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