Thursday, 21 May 2015

.: Bloggers' Quilt Festival - 'I Dream in Colour' Nested Churn Dash :.

You may have thought I'd stopped over-sharing 'I Dream In Colour', my Nested Churn Dash quilt - but oh no-ho.  As it's just been Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis, it's therefore time for Amy's very excellent Amy's Creative Side Bloggers' Quilt Festival - and I thought why not enter this quilt into the Large Quilts category?

Let me please just say upfront - yes this first pic has binding clips on the quilt, but the quilt is definitely finished and in action on my older daughter's bed - the full pics I have of it finished have something funny going on with the light, and I haven't had a chance to take new pics - a combination of not thinking of it in time last weekend, and the other people who live with me (i.e. my family of quilt-holders) being out at work and school during daylight hours.

See? Finished.  And something funny is happening with the light, do you agree?

The Nested Churn Dash pattern is by Jane Davidson, and I started it in a class with Jane at Patches Indooroopilly.  I have blogged earlier about this quilt here and here - click through if you would like to see pics of each block and read a little more about it.

I really love this quilt - I love a good churn dash, I have used SO. MANY. favourite fabrics, and I'm really happy with how each block floats on the Cotton + Steel arrows.  And the Cotton + Steel lions for cornerstones and backing - I love them too!

Lovely Jane not only designed the pattern for this quilt - she also did the gorgeous quilting, with a mint Aurifil in an edge-to-edge spiral pattern.

The quilt is 79 " x 79" - it's huge on my daughter's King Single bed, and I've actually just 'borrowed' it for the spare room Queen bed and it's a great fit.  We have a couple of quilty-friends coming to stay over the next few weeks, so I thought a favourite quilt on the spare bed would be a happy thing to do.  My daughter has taken temporary ownership of my Cotton + Steel Giant Vintage Star quilt in the meantime.

Good luck to all the Bloggers' Festival entrants - there are some really gorgeous quilts in the various linkys - please click through and take a look if you can.  Voting starts on the weekend (Friday US time).  Enjoy the rest of your week.  xoxo cat


  1. I loved this quilt the first time you blogged about it and I still love it and all the little surprises on the blocks, like the hello, hello fabric. Big quilts are really hard to photograph when you don't have anything to hang them from or willing helpers to hold it for you.

  2. Love this quilt so hard Cat! It's fabulous and I'm so glad that it's being loved. Good luck with the festival!


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