Sunday, 14 September 2014

.: teeny tiny Ohio Stars times two :.

Happy end-of-weekend to everyone.  I'm just popping in to share the second tiny Ohio Star for Elizabeth, for her month/s in The Wee Bee.  The first star is here

The stars measure around 4 1/2" square - here's a handy ruler for scale.  Gee I wish I could remember where I got the ruler ;-)

The teeny tiny stars are now packaged up with a few little goodies, ready to pop in the post - all the way to Florida! - tomorrow.

And in other weekend-news, Ted had a haircut and came away - as always - with a sequinned bow in his pom-pom hair.  Purple.  Not even a boy-colour.  Though as my husband did say - sequins tend to turn all the colours into girl-colours.  There's a thought to ponder.

Hope your weekend was a good one, whether it involved sewing, sequins or neither.  xoxo cat

Saturday, 13 September 2014

.: Make Modern blog hop! :.

Today is our day on the Make Modern blog hop - hellooooo to you, whether you are a regular or brand new to our little piece of the internet, thanks so much for stopping by.

In case you have not been here before, we are Catherine and Vanita, two good friends from Brisbane, Australia - we live near each other, our kids are friends, our husbands are friends, but our dogs are not friends, so we keep their contact with each other to non-existent.  Vanita is a graphic designer, and Cat is obsessed with sewing.  We both LOVE fabric.  We have a little shop on Etsy, where we sell screen printed and digitally printed fabric panels - for cushions, bags, quilts, framing, whatever you can think of.  

We were thrilled when the lovely Make Modern girls asked us to be part of their launch issue, so we got together over a coffee to come up with a project.  We pretty quickly thought up our placemat panels, which we're calling 'Eat Your Words'.  'Hello You Look Lovely Today' also appears on our business cards, and we think it's a very happy and uplifting way to be greeted - whether on a placemat at your table, or as part of your wrapping when you buy something from our shop.

And we just thought 'Hello Is It Peas You're Looking For" was funny.  We had to explain the Lionel Richie reference to our kids - my oldest said "errrrmmmm Mum, you and Vanita aren't as funny as you think you are" - to which I of course said "are you kidding, we so are, we are hysterical". 

As Make Modern is of course, a fabulous modern quilting magazine (check out the fab little free preview via Issuu here) - we thought we should also magic up a sewing project - something totally new for us.  For the reverse of our placemats in Make Modern (or of course, as a stand alone project), we came up with four words - 'little xo', 'big XO', 'MWAH' and 'YUM' - all very awesome and lovely welcome-to-the-table things to say to yourself, your family and friends.

We've had a chance now to have a good read through the first issue of Make Modern, and let us tell you - it is awesome.  Kristy, Jane and Lara have seriously done such a wonderful job, there are so many fantastic projects, interviews, tips and ideas in the magazine.  It's really awesome that Australia now has its own modern quilting magazine - and it's available to the whole world with just a few clicks!  

When you get a chance, please take a look at the other fabulous bloggers/quilters on the blog hop (I'm so technologically-unfancy that I wasn't sure if I could just cut and paste the blog-list from the MM blog ... so I've just clicked through and looked at every single one of these blogs, so I could copy their addresses for you here ... hours of happy reading ahead for you all, let me tell you): 

1st   September - Make Modern
3rd  September - Kristy at Quiet Play
5th   September - Where Jane Creates
7th   September - Gina at Party of Eight: Our Story
9th   September - Molli Sparkles
11th  September - Juliet at The Tartan Kiwi
13th  September - wahoo - us! - you're here now!
15th  September - Ruth at Ben and Charly's Corner
17th  September - Kelly at Kelliotmagic
19th  September - Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts
21st  September - Serena at Sew Giving
23rd  September - Melissa at Ms Midge
25th  September - Anne at Hudson Valley Quilts

And last thing - lovely Kristy managed to convince us to share pics for Make Modern.  As in - of ourselves.  Unheard of ... we love being secret squirrels online.  But look, here we are, thanks to us ducking over to Vee's house before school one morning, and corralling reluctant children into being our official photographer - the trampoline outside was very heavy competition to being inside photographing the two of us ... 

Thanks again for stopping by!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  xoxo cat and vee

Thursday, 11 September 2014

.: teeny tiny Ohio Star :.

Just popping in to share a teeny tiny Ohio Star for Elizabeth in our Wee Bee.   Elizabeth asked for Chicopee stars (or fabrics with similar colours to Chicopee), with a low volume background.  She very kindly also emailed us a paper-piecing pattern for the star, as it's TINY - only 4 1/2 "!  

[darn that rogue thread ... do you see it?!]
I'm planning a second star for Elizabeth, hopefully starting tonight, since there's a bit of choice viewing on TV to sew along to. 

Hope your week's been a good one  xoxo cat
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