Saturday 14 October 2017

.: iFussy Cutters' Club blog hop stop :.

Hi hi hi, it's been a while, more on that right down the bottom*.

I have the happy good fortune today to be part of my friend Angie's blog tour for her wonderful new book Fussy Cutters' Club - A Boot Camp for Mastering Fabric Play. You can click through and read Angie's post launching the book here. I'll wait.

Fussy cutting has long been my main love about sewing - it's so fun to personalise projects and gifts using 'just the right' fussy cut motif.

Angie's book has 14 fabulous + fun projects, as well as a huge amount of really helpful technical info that will guide you through the fussy cutting process. There are projects for beginners and the more advanced fussy cutters amongst us.

For my blog hop stop, I chose to make the "1-2 Sucker Pouch' zip pouch, for two reasons:
1. I loved the shape of it and the pattern + construction method looked very nifty AND
2. Angie had chosen to use a precious Aunty Cookie for her pouch! - total no brainer.

I loved Angie's pattern and her use of Aunty Cookie so much, that I went ahead and made TWO pouches, BOTH with an Aunty Cookie!

Here is Angie's pouch from the book. Isn't it fabulous! - and just quietly, 'make quilts not war' - excellent suggestion.

image courtesy of C&T Publishing 
Angie's instructions for the pouch are really clear, and broken down into plenty of steps. Just be sure to read through everything first, and go slowly through each step, as the construction of the pouch is unlike any zippy I have made before - so intriguing!

The pouch is a fun way to showcase a combination of favourite fabrics, from the very tiny to the marginally less tiny.

See what I mean?

I can never have enough fussy cut words, and this project is perfect for them. 'Crafty zippy' below is from Berene Campbell's HappySewLucky shop on Spoonflower - it's called 'improv adjectives'.

Too much fun! 

Another fun little part of Angie's pattern, is that you can change the look of the ends of your pouch, depending on how you sew your fabrics together. 

That's a neat little trick, don't you think?

And my one little hot tip for when you make your own '1-2 Sucker Pouch', is to sew around any 'internal' raw edges you create as part of the pattern. 

I could not end my hop stop without sharing Angie's pic of 'Totes Amazeballs', another awesome project from her book. Along with some spectacular smaller fussy cuts, it features Vee and my 'Priscilla, Queen of the 'Burbs' screen printed cockatoo panel. We are both really thrilled and honoured that Angie chose to use Priscilla in such an amazing project AND that she included it in her book! 
image courtesy of C&T Publishing

Thanks so much for stopping by to share in the '1-2 Sucker Pouch' fun. Angie has created a website for the book to help provide you with all the information you need - head over to Fussy Cutters Club - there are gorgeous pics and links to create your own fussy cut world, and more importantly, the link you need to purchase your own copy of Angie's book. I can't wait for mine to arrive, I am checking the letter box every day! 

Please scroll down and get clicking to see the very sweet projects that some super talented peeps have made (or are still making!) as part of the blog hop.

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* Vanita  (Vee) and I are taking an indefinite break from cat&vee but have held on to the blog for now, though it's long sat silent. Our Etsy shop is closed, and we haven't used Pinterest in forever. We're both still active on instagram at @hellofromcat and @hellofromvee, so come and say hi over there. Cat x 

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