Sunday 4 March 2012

:: surprise!! (if your name is Amy ... ) ::

Through the magic of the internet, Vee and I have met a very lovely and super-clever lady from Seattle.  

It all started with this gorgeous fabric from Spoonflower, and then this fabulous teatowel from Etsy.  Ahhh, the love of fabric and great design really draw people together, don't they, surely you've noticed? 

Go check out Amy's blog, Etsy shop and Spoonflower shop right now and share the love!!

This cushion is for Amy ... well, almost ... the cushion cover is for her.  I wanted to post a few pics now   - and then ask Vee to work her photo-taking-magic for me later.

{{hey Amy, notice the mix tapes?  surprise!!}}

{{just in case you missed them}}

{{some Prints Charming birds, an Aunty Cookie and our very own Finn McTrickster}}

{{had to include a Ruby Star typewriter!!}}
I had a little sticky-beak around Amy's Spoonflower designs (all of which I could snap up in a heartbeat, they are fabulous) and Etsy favourites to work out which fabrics she would love.  And Vee and I agreed that Amy's own mix-tape fabric had to make an appearance.  

Here is the back: 
{{Ruby Star viewmasters and tea cups ... aaaand .... Pennycandy mix-tapes!! And a cowboy}}

{{cute, right?}}

The cushion is 24 inches x 21 inches.  I stuffed a 24 inch cushion-form into it for the photos and should have spent a bit more time plumping it out properly.  I will sew up a custom-sized insert tomorrow to send over to Amy.  

I really loved making this cushion - so many of the fabrics are amongst my favourites too.  And Amy, I will email you in the next couple of days, promise.  Thanks for being so patient. 

happy weekend everyone      xoxo cat

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