Thursday 3 May 2012

:: get some singsong and dancing into your day ::

 Vee and I are "loving ourselves sick" over our new Singsongs teatowel range, oh yes we are.

We have five designs that are bound to get you singing and shimmying around the kitchen.  We've printed them in a mix of colours, and onto a white linen/cotton blend teatowel and two different 'oatmeal' shades of 100% linen.   All totally gorgeous and fun.

Vee is our regular photo stylist and photographer, since she is so awesome at it (check out the product pics in our Etsy shop!) but as she is kicking up her heels in Sydney for the weekend, I promised I would try and do them justice for the blog post ...

... excellent idea ... 

...... cue frenzied running round the house looking for 'props' and then high-fiving myself (in my head, not actually, since that'd be a bit sad) for thinking to hang the teatowels on the wall with washi-tape ... :

Here we go:

are you feeling the Rick Astley love in the room? and yes, that is Hagrid from Harry Potter.  he's never going to desert you either, is he now.  
can you hear Leo?  so wish we had a disco ball in the house ... had to settle for this random green rabbit instead  ... surely rabbits dance too ... 

OK, so picture the tiny robots in fluro Go-Go shirts and saying 'jitterbug' at regular intervals

are you feeling the NYC love?  and are you loving that tiny NYC cityscape - bought it at Muji in Soho last month - 'cos I was there
oh Freddie, YES we can do the fandango

Oh by now, I SO hope you have at least one of these songs in your head and find yourself singing it quietly - or loudly - for the rest of the day.

Pop on over to our Etsy shop and check out our listings.

xoxo cat

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