Tuesday 23 July 2013

.: oh hey hi we're still here :.

Oh hello.  It's been a while. 

Lots has been happening - just the usual stuff, life rolling on.  We've been printing orders, sewing, studying, taking part in the World's Biggest Orchestra, celebrating birthdays, baking, reading, driving - just stuff.

We had a custom order request for Finn McTrickster in purple - he's so gorgeous that we thought we'd share.

He's so sweet isn't he.  We'll print more, once our next Essex linen order arrives from the lovely Alice from Fresh Modern Fabric. 

In the odd half hour of time I've found over the last few days, I've been cutting and ironing my little fabric packages to send to the AusModBee girls.  They look so sweet, don't they?

Everyone will receive a fat-quarter-and-a-bit of text-print on a neutral background, and about 20 inches square of coloured scraps.  I am asking everyone to sew one word block - any word.  It's kind of tricky to know how much fabric to send everyone, so I sewed up a test block - I figured a seven-letter word was a good choice as a test run. 

I am so looking forward to what everyone chooses - any word, any size, any pattern.  I use the awesome 'Word Play Quilts' by Tonya Ricucci - but I am happy for everyone to use whatever pattern they feel most comfortable with.  My plan at this stage is to put all my word blocks with my x+ blocks, to make one super-sized-quilt.  I think ... we'll see. 

And in news overnight, I signed up for round 2 of the Sweet Pouch Swap! - I loved being part of it last time, when it was coordinated by the gorgeous Ros of Sew Delicious.  For this round, it's being coordinated by the lovely Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts.  Alyce set a limit of 100 swappers - and registrations hit 100 within five hours!  My swap partner is the fabulous Kara of Me and Elna - which is so awesome - I first met Ros when she was my partner in the Secret Santa Swap that Kara coordinated.  So it feels like things are coming full circle, ready to start all over again, and I am so excited to be sewing up something for Kara.  

Hope your past couple of weeks have been great fun and not too cold.    xoxo cat


  1. Finn looks great in purple! And those bundles for the bee are lovely, I've been thinking about making a baby quilt using my scraps - maybe rainbow blocks? Yay for being partnered with Kara, she is ace! I have been teamed with a great partner also who has heaps in common with me. Fun!

  2. I can't wait to make your bee block - once life settles down and I catch up with the last few months first, hahaha! I'm thinking I will make my own pp templates like I did for sweary Tula last year - but I'm struggling with what word to choose! The bundles look fantastic x

  3. Love Finn in the purple colour! And those scrappy bundles for your word blocks look wonderful!

  4. Love Finn in purple - looks fab!

    Great bundles of fabrics - can't wait to see how they all come together. Looks like a fab idea!

  5. I am doing the Sweet Pouch Swap too. Love Finn in the purple!

  6. I LOVE the purple. Now to choose between the dog and fox and mouse and... uh oh!

    PS - any chance we might see a donkey in the future? ;)

  7. I am so far behind in my blogging and reading blogs. ;-) I love Finn in purple! He's awesome! Your little packages are great. I cant' wait to see how it turns out!


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