Saturday 9 November 2013

.: a little bit of cushion-y love :.

Where have you been?!  We've missed you!  Oh wait, hang on, it's actually us that haven't been here.  Totally not-very-good blogging.  Right.  Back to it. 

My Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap package of goodies is in the mail as I type - quite possibly flying over the Pacific Ocean right now - so I won't share any more pics here til I know it's arrived safe and sound.

My Down Under Doll Quilt Swap mini is finished! - but I need to get a few little goodies together before putting it in the mail and sharing more pics.

So let's share some cushions.  All five - yes, five! - of these upcoming cushions are no longer in my house - they were all for pressies.

First up - Awesomeville! - have we even shared Awesomeville with you yet?  We have five little Awesomeville designs to show you, but let's start with just two - 'Hello Sunshine' and our big-hearted girl.  The little panels (which are in the shop now!) are post-card size, super-sweet and so quick to sew or frame into little pressies.  These two were for the girls' teachers for World Teachers' Day - both teachers sew - yah! - so I figure they'll use them as pincushions.

{{they're so sweet!}}
And now, onto the 40th birthday-pressie-cushions.

First up - a Union Jack for Magic Mike.  No.  Not Channing Tatum.  No.  The REAL, original and best Magic Mike, who lives very close by and who is really English.  Though ... he was born in New Zealand, as I discovered from the fabulous DVD played at his birthday party ... really need to get to the bottom of that one ... 

{{are you loving the Kate + Will mug as a very handy and relevant prop?! It was a pressie from my friend Rachel, who was on holiday in London just before the wedding.  Not that she was in London FOR the wedding ... shame ... }} 

I followed the Union Jack pattern on Dandelion Daydreams' blog and then added a border to make the cushion a little bigger.

The fabulous actual-Union-Jack fabric is by our gorgeous friend Amy, from her Spoonflower shop.  The blue is Lizzy House's Castle Peeps, and the red/pink-spots are by the gorgeous Pam Kitty Morning.  The white - which you can't really see well in these pics - is Lakehouse Dry Goods (I soooo love their white-on-white text, as I get a bit anxious using solids).  And the fun newsprint is from Spotlight!

I used the newsprint, so it would match in with the fabulous cushion that Vee made for Mike - I need to get a pic of it to share here - she had fabric especially printed by Spoonflower, using a newspaper article that Mike was in when he was younger.   And living in England.  As opposed to New Zealand.


And now - a cushion duo made for our friend Glen's 40th.  I've wanted to make a plus-cushion (or quilt!) for ages, and followed Katy's pattern in 'Pillow Pop' by Heather Bostic

I asked Vikki (Glen's wife) about colours - and she said neutrals, for a black lounge.  I'm thinking I've stayed pretty close-ish to neutrals ... for me, anyway!  The Alexander Henry owls are for Glen + Vikki's daughter, really, as she likes owls.  I love the owl print so much, I've had it squirreled away for ages. 

The blue castles are Lizzy House (click on her name up there), the measuring tapes are by American Jane, and the orange sprouts are Violet Craft's Madrona Road.  The little crosses on grey are from Rashida Coleman Hale's Koi line, and the text is by Sweetwater.  I'm not sure who the postcards are by.  And the black crosshatch is Timeless Treasures. 

So that's it for cushions-I-have-recently-made.  What have you been making lately?

Hope your last few weeks have been good ones, and that you're currently in the middle of a happy weekend.  'til next time, cat xoxo


  1. Your little awesomevillle panels are so cute, I love the fox that I got from Merran in the DUDQS! Also the plus cushions are really cool, I love the colours!

  2. Love all your makes! The pillows are so fun with absolutely fantastic fabrics! And your postcard sized panels are adorable!!

  3. Ive been making cushions as well :) think Im addicted but am going to do a few other projects this week, few more blocks of my French Rose maybe :) Love your fabrics and adore your cushions :)

  4. Loving all of your fun cushions - the Plus design is fun!


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