Monday 23 December 2013

Thanks Luellabella. Your cushions rock!

    Lovely Lara M, also known as Luellabella is one of our many gorgeous and very clever cat and vee customers who has purchased panels from our etsy store and made her very own masterpieces with them. 

She was kind enough to share photo's of the christmas pressies she has made for her 
  very lucky hubby.  Thank you so much for taking the time to share Lara, we 
really appreciate seeing the end result.

To all of you who have supported our shop and blog this year, we thank you. We know there are so many great designers out there and your choice of fabric is global and very vast.  We are truly grateful that you have chosen a cat and vee design.

We wish you all and your families a lovely, happy, bubbly, christmas and new years celebration and we will be back early 2014.

Mwah to you all, may your in-laws and drunken uncles and aunties behave over the 'silly season' and if not, you will have some awesome family stories to share over the years to come!

 xoxo catherine and vanita


  1. Love these cushions of Lara's - they are so fab!

    And such gorgeous work by you talented girls Catherine and Vanita! Look forward to what you come up with in the new year!

    1. Hi Kristy, thank you. You are FAR too kind. Merry christmas and happy holidays lovely. xoxo catherine and vanita

  2. Fabulous! Lara is a very clever girl :)


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