Thursday 14 August 2014

.: Make Modern! :.

We are very excited indeed to be guest bloggers on the Make Modern blog today.

Have you heard of the awesomeness that is Make Modern?  It's Australia's first online modern quilting magazine, and the first issue comes out on the 1st of September.

The fabulous creative talents behind Make Modern are Kristy, Lara and Jane.  Kristy and Cat are in the Care Circle of doGoodStitches and also The Wee Bee together and Cat has a growing obsession with Kristy's paper piecing patterns

And oh - did we mention yet - we have a project in the first issue of Make Modern!!  Our first-ever magazine project, wahoooo!  Here's a sneaky peek ... we have TWO new screen printed designs and FOUR new (i.e. our first EVER) sewing patterns in the magazine, oh can you imagine our excitement, let's assume yes.

Ooooh-hooo-hoooo, what can they be?!

Click through and read more on the Make Modern blog - and if you haven't already, please also think about signing up for the first issue (or for the whole first year of issues!) so that you are ready to roll for the 1st of September!  'til next time, xoxo cat and vee

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  1. I'm so excited about an Online Aussie quilting mag! Congratulations on making it into the first issue!


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