Monday 6 October 2014

.: we love GnomeAngel :.

[image totally stolen from Angie's GnomeAngel site - link below]
If you haven't already discovered the awesomeness that is Angie from GnomeAngel, you need to make a cup of tea and then click through and spend a little while cruising round her website.  Angie is a very talented Canberra-based quilter, creator and blogger with a very generous spirit.  She makes all sorts of wonderful things - three recent favourites of mine are her Fat Bottom Girls mini quilt, and the Naughty-Cal Weekender bag and Granny-Mac-Daddy bag she recently made for Sewvivor.

I had the great good fortune of meeting up with Angie for a drink a couple of weeks ago, while we were in Canberra on holidays - I'm kicking myself for not thinking to take a pic of the two of us, but we were a little too busy talking!  It was really great to meet her and have a good chat, as we'd known each other through instagram + blogs for quite a while now.  I'm already looking forward to another catch up sometime in the future.

Every Monday, Angie interviews someone fabulous from the awesome World of Fabric (i.e. someone involved in fabric design, sewing, quilting) - and today, it's us!  (yes, I did just bump us up into being "someone fabulous", and not too subtly either ...).  Click through to read the interview!

Happy end-of-long-weekend everyone.  On to term 4 tomorrow (*oh boo*).  xoxo cat


  1. Such an awesome feature! Loved learning more about you both!

  2. Think meeting Gnomeangel aka Angie would be the highlight of a little trip away :) Not long now for the festive season to be upon us :) and hopefully a very wet season :)

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing the interview in "print". I'm bummed we didn't get a photo either - typical me, have a million things going through my mind and always forget things. I can't wait to see you again too! :)


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