Friday 27 February 2015

.: Australia! tote :.

Remember this?  I made it into a tote bag and took it to QuiltCon!

So it's been to Austin and home again, and it carried a LOT of awesome stuff while in Texas - all sorts of QuiltCon goodies + Austin souveniers.  Lots of people noticed that I had Australia on my bag, and I had fun showing them Peta's instagram page and saying that the pattern would be in Fat Quarterly - and also pointing out that each state was in a different colour - some people were pretty amazed that we only have seven states (I didn't get into the territories distinction with them, sorry ACT and NT ...).

So now I've shared the Sew Together Bags, and the Australia! tote bag that came to Austin with me it's getting time to share some pics and thoughts of what actually happened at QuiltCon, don't you think?  The weekend is looking good for that. 

'til then. xoxo cat


  1. Such a bright and colourful tote! Love all of the little fussy cut details too - the Apple for Tassie, and the whales near where Ningaloo is:)

  2. The bag's a beauty (so is Peta's pattern), I'm not surprised everyone wanted to hear about it. You've been a great ambassador for Aussie quilting!


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