Sunday 26 April 2015

.: weekend sewing :.

I haven't shared bee blocks for ages, so thought I'd share these happy Lady of the Lake blocks I made over the weekend for Leanne.

Our doGoodStitches Care Circle has a little side-bee going on - the 'Sew Sisters' - and we have two months rather than just one, to make blocks.

Leanne asked for her blocks to include pink, lime, orange (wahoo, my favourite colour combo!), plus red, aqua and yellow.  I snuck in a few tiny fussy cuts.

These blocks were fun to make, and much quicker than the post-block fabric-mountain fold-and-tidy-up!   I sewed them up while watching Season One of 'Little House on the Prairie' with my youngest - she'd never seen it before and was completely taken by the Ingalls and their life in Walnut Creek :-)

I sewed up another couple of words blocks for my girls' quilts, again using the fantastic Moda Spell it with Fabric letter patterns.  Both my girls are huge readers and are rarely without a book tucked under their arm.

For the Moda letters, I cut each block out completely and then pop all the pieces inside the relevant page in the pattern book - and then flip through the book and sew the blocks in alphabetical order.   Once the letters are finished, I sew a one-inch-cut strip to the right-side of each letter (unless it's not needed), before adding it to the next letter.

Since this word was 'read', I made sure to use text-fabrics for all the backgrounds.

I couldn't help a bit of fussy-cutting from the wonderful Carrie Bloomston's Collage text-print for the A's.

And I liked the effect created from fussy-cutting the 'flower stripes' from Melody Miller's Ruby Star Polka Dot handbags.

Hope you found some time to sew over the weekend.  xoxo cat 


  1. What a great way to spend the weekend. Really like the words with all the amazing fussy cutting. I always watch dvds while I sew, Little House is great for kids, and adults ;)

  2. Those bee blocks look so good Cat. Love seeing the different blocks you sew for them :). Also love love love seeing the progress shots of your girls quilts. They are adorable.

  3. I love these - your paper piecing skills are fantastic! I must learn.

  4. love the blocks you did for me Cat and so looking forward to seeing your word quilts


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