Wednesday 28 September 2011

::: made by mee cushiony friends - Bela Blue :::

Bela Blue by cat&vee
Bela Blue, a photo by cat&vee on Flickr.
Here is the second in our little five-part series, to introduce you to our made by mee cushiony friend kits.

You met the lovely Lisey-Lou yesterday, and I'm back again to introduce you to the gorgeous Bela Blue.

Bela Blue is quite the sophisticate .... sometimes. She loves music and reading (a LOT, particularly history books and books where you have to read the whole series many times, like Harry Potter and Sisters Grimm). Bela Blue also loves to scarper around outside, climb trees and swing as high as she can. Back on earth, she loves to collect rocks and shells and anything interesting enough to keep in teetering piles in her nest.

Hmmm, do you have a Bela Blue in your life?

Bela Blue is one of our limited edition screen printed (on calico) made by mee cushiony friend kits. She comes in her own little drawstring bag, and is for crafty kids aged 8 to 108.

Inside her little bag, you'll find very fab instructions, a patchworked cushion front, a cushion back, and wool felt and embroidery floss to decorate Bela to your heart's content. An adult should be on hand to wield an iron, and to sew Bela Blue together.

Bela Blue can be printed in aqua blue or hot pink.

Bela would love to spread her wings and feather her nest with the crafty kid in your life. Pop across to our little shop and ruffle her feathers today!

'til next time xoxo cat

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