Sunday 11 September 2011

... works in progress ...

We've both had a productive weekend - despite almost being blown away in Brisbane's windy weather yesterday.  It was so nice to get out and about in the sun today.  

We have:
* some new mee-friend kits heading out the door to our friend K - just in time for school holidays.  K asked for a purple Lisey-Lou, green Pipsqueak and charcoal Finn McTrickster.  Don't they look sweet all together?
* taken and uploaded heaps of new photos - we have a new-found appreciation for the skills of professional photographers!

* updated our lovely little shop - pop across to see our sewing kits, jewellery kits and mee-friend cushion kits.

* played around with some new ideas for bags and cushions.

Cat also managed to get to the Writers' Festival to see the fabulous Ann Patchett being interviewed by Suzy Wilson - and is now madly reading Ann's new book, 'State of Wonder'.

Hope you've had a happy weekend.  

xoxo cat&vee

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