Monday 8 October 2012

:: Blogtoberfest Day 8 - can you hear sleigh-bells? ::

First day of term 4 today.  Oh how I love the holidays, and oh how I loathe the back-to-school routine.   I won't go on, but I've had enough already.  And it's only day 1. 

Dropped the kids off this morning and nipped straight home with Christmas-sewing plans in mind.  Vee and I have two markets this term, and also want to get more goodies into the shop.  

What Christmas table would be complete without an 'X' marks-the-spot pot-holder?  They're the perfect  gift to yourself or someone else leading into Christmas, don't you think?

{{they'd make a cute quilt, wouldn't they?}}
So far we have 19 ready to roll (but 16 looked nice and neat in the photo).  Planning on cutting the batting and insul-brite tonight.  And hopefully choosing backing fabric and getting that ironed and ready too.  

Every pot-holder will be different.  There are multiples of the background green/white fabrics, but all the red/pink X's are different fabrics - so you can safely buy lots and still give a unique gift to all your friends and aunties. 

A few early favourites:
{{little elf-houses amongst the trees. and an owl perched right in the middle of the X}}
{{reindeer sheltering under the trees}}
{{elephants keen to replace the reindeers on Santa's sleigh}}
Time to get dinner ready.  Please scroll down to earlier Blogtoberfest posts to find details on our giveaway.   'til tomorrow.    xoxo cat

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  1. Gorgeous blocks! I'm certainly feeling festive now!


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