Saturday 16 February 2013

.: love-mini and an H :.

I can now share proper pics of the 'love' mini I made for my husband for Valentine's Day.

I saw a fab tutorial by Kelly from Kelby Sews on Sew Mama Sew.  Kelly very kindly provided the templates for the l-o-v-e letters as part of the tutorial - and I clicked across to Kelly's etsy shop and bought the whole alphabet too.

{{the husband's favourite snippet is the little car - no surprises there}}
It's a paper-pieced pattern, which I haven't had much practice with - so I was really happy with how great the pattern was, and how the mini turned out.   

My husband - ever tolerant and supportive of the stuff I sew - thought it was very nice and has put it on his bedside table as a little mat for books and occasional mugs of tea.

{{the back}}
For today's makery-action, we have a cushion for my niece H, who is turning 5 on Tuesday.

H loves purple - so I figured the Lizzy House hedgehogs would work a treat, along with the Saffron Craig birds, and the little purple panda Japanese print. 

The pink spots are by Jennifer Paganelli.  And I had to include a '5' tab with some measuring twill-tape.

The backing fabric was a find by our friend T, from a little shop in Noosa.  T - are you seeing this?!

Have a happy weekend everyone.  xoxo cat

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  1. Brilliant makes! I love that your 'love' quilt is so colourful, rather than just reds and pinks. And those fussy cut hedgehogs are killing me! Awesome!


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