Wednesday 27 February 2013

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There is an inspiring, talented and gorgeous lady by the name of Cam.  Online, she 'lives' at Curly Pops.

I found Cam through instagram I think, and quickly fell in love with the awesome fabrics that she designs.  She is really crafty and clever too, and very generous and supportive of other people's crafty-endeavours.  

Cam's just had a bilateral lung transplant, and so is in hospital recovering from the surgery - take a look at this post on her blog - and also at this post where she talks about it being Donate Life Week this week.  

I wanted to make something to send to Cam.

That something has turned out to be an enormous zip-pouch, in fact.  The same week I heard about Cam's surgery - through the magic of instagram - I received a Spoonflower order in the mail.  

I thought a few of HappySewLucky Berene's 'improv adjectives' would be perfect, along with  WildOlive's bacon, as I have noticed that Cam loves bacon. 

All the other fabric on the outside of the pouch are by Cam, under her Curly Pops label (I so especially love those hexagons).  Except for the super-hero girl on the back - that's a Spoonflower gem that I've had in my stash for a while.  I figured that Cam's path to recovery is going to be a super-hero effort.

As an awesome side-note, in searching for the super-hero designer on Spoonflower just now, I discovered it's a lady designing under the name HamburgerLiebe - gotta love that mix of bacon and hamburger love in one big zip-pouch!
Did you notice the sweet little 'C' ribbon, underneath our cat&vee label?  I bought it from Tinsel Trading when we were in NYC last year.  It's the most gorgeous shop, full of trims, ribbons, cards and so much cute stuff. 

On the inside of the pouch is a cute new print from Moxie by Erin McMorris - it makes me think of online-chat, with it's little icons, 'hello' and 'hi'.  I thought it was a good choice, since I only know Cam through online-magicery. 
The zipper-tab didn't quite work out how I wanted it to, but you can see where I was headed.  Grey-thread and neater-stiching probably would have worked a treat. 

The pouch is biiiiig - I followed the spirit of Anna's open-wide zipper-pouch tutorial, just not the measurements.  That's five teatowels I've got rolled up inside to plump it out a bit for the photos.  Five.  And it's not even half-full.  

I will post it off tomorrow, and send it with lots of thoughts and prayers for a timely and healthy recovery.  And some thoughts and prayers for Cam's donor's family too.  

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xoxo cat


  1. OMG I LOVE THIS. So awesome and so perfect for her. You are too lovely :)

  2. Wow. I am sure she will love it

  3. Oh my goodness.... you're making me a little teary. This is the most thoughtful amazing fabulous zipper pouch ever!
    Those five words that you've fussy cut and patchworked into the pouch just about sum up what I've just been through.
    Thank goodness for the magic of the interwebs where you get to connect with crafty like-minded souls.
    You my dear, are amazeballs!

  4. What a beautiful gift. Handmade is wonderful. I have to admit to getting a little side tracked when you mentioned tinsel trading. Their feather fringe is gorgeous. But not as beautiful as your pouch. Wow Cam! what a lovely gift to receive! Alison (I'm not anonymous at all it's just the only category I fit into).

    1. thanks so much Alison. Tinsel Trading is the most fabulous shop, full of gorgeous things. There's apparently a secret basement too, that hardly anyone gets to see - even employees!! There's a gorgeous shop in Melbourne, that has (apparently, I believe) based itself on TT - it's called L'Uccello and is on Swanston Street, in a little arcade and up some stairs.

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment - Cam has now received the pouch, yay!! Catherine.

  5. Didnt realise it was bacon on the Instagram pic! Bacon with little eyes! Fabulous, like the girl herself!


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