Sunday 12 May 2013

.: Mother's Day + birthdays :.

Hi hi hi, a few days away from this space.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums who pop by, hope you're having a relaxing day.

We nipped down to NSW overnight, to celebrate my Dad's 70th + Mother's Day.  It was a really lovely afternoon - we saw a lot of family and friends I've not seen in years and years - and the girls got to race around and spend time with their cousins.  Mum and Dad had a fab time and really appreciated everyone making the time to travel from near and far to share in the celebration.

I also got to have a quick coffee with the lovely Kirsten, who is in our AusModBee - in fact it's her month right now, so I'll soon be sharing AMH feathers made with the gorgeous Denyse Schmidt Chicopee range.  

I can finally share these cushions I made for Mum and Dad.

{{Dad used to be an eye surgeon, so I couldn't go past the Echino specs}}
 And here they are just this morning.

Hope you've all had a great weekend.   xoxo cat


  1. Oh awesome cushions Cat! Happy Mother's Day xx

  2. Great cushions- your dad's a very spritely looking 70yr old! I bet they loved their cushions.

  3. Love these pillows - such a great photo of your Mum and Dad. It was so nice to get to meet you too!

  4. Your parents look lovely, and very pleased with their presents. I love the painting in the background, too.


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