Saturday 25 May 2013

Where the bloody hell is Vee?

All I can say is 'Thank God for the lovely Cat'!   

Firstly, to any new blog readers or friends of cat and vee - 'Yes, I really do exist.' 

My main reason (perhaps excuse?!) for being AWOL from the blog for so long is that I am in my second year of Graphic Design.  

My long nights of study and doing assignments have meant relying on the lovely Cat to keep our blog and Instagram up to date.

This weeks assignment was to create two alternative magazine covers for a
 'fictional' magazine Taylor.  

I was on Instagram for quite a while until some 'mysterious force' removed the app from my phone. (I suspect his name is 'Finn', he is 5 AND feral AND was playing Angry birds at the time.)  Anyway, I cannot re-download the app and Instagram has said 'too hard basket'....get another apple i.d.   (Have added this to my ever growing 'to do list')

Enough of my first world issues.  

Now then, back to my assignment and then a nice bottle of red.....hmmm.
Let's hope I don't receive ANOTHER call from my tutor asking me 'Were you drunk when you submitted that assignment'.

Yeees of course and I by the way, I got 100%!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you tomorrow Cat for Jujitsu grading.
xoxo vee

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  1. This is awesome. I love that you are in school and that you got 100%! I can totally see why (and I am a college professor). Your last few lines just cracked me up.


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