Monday 3 June 2013

.: Eve's open-wide zip pouch :.

So a couple of weeks ago, I went along to our friend S's house, to learn a little more about crochet - lovely class, lots of fun.

I sat next to Vee and my good buddy Eve, and we got talking about needing a good-size pouch to carry out crochet goodies around in.  Totally essential.

Fast forward to today - Eve's birthday - and here's my pressie for her!  It's safely in Eve's hands now, so I can share the pics I took yesterday. 

I used Anna's open-wide zipper-pouch tutorial, and made my starting panels 12 x 15 inches - which is just a little bigger than Anna's biggest size of 11 x 14 inches.

{{ruler fabric and cross-stitch fabric are from Shannon Lamdens' new range for Riley Blake.  Hearts are Prints Charming for Spotlight}}
 I think the zipper is 18 inches - or maybe 16 inches - I didn't cut it down at all, just sewed a little tab over the end.

You can fit a LOT of wool inside - the three balls up there look very lonely, don't they.

I totally misjudged the 'E' placement, I should have made it sit a little higher up - and was a little disappointed when I turned the pouch out to find that all the cute ruler-fabric under the 'E' - as well as the bottom-edge of the little blue cross-stitch border around the 'E' - had disappeared to the bottom-side of the pouch!   I boxed the sides at about 4 inches in from the corners - so just need to remember that for next time - don't.use.a.cute.feature.fabric.right.down.the.bottom! 

But I LOVE this pattern, and really love the enormous size of the pouch - I really want to make one to keep, so I can cram it full of wool and crochet hooks so that there are plenty of crocheting-options for when I am sitting patiently at violin lessons, piano lessons, jujitsu, in the car at school pick up ... ooooh the possibilities ... 

Happy birthday Eve, and happy week everyone  xoxo cat


  1. I love these pouches! I have only made the smallest size though, this one looks really roomy!

  2. Love all the little words scattered,just gorgeous, now did you need to know my birthday hahahahah and the wool looks scrummy as well :)

  3. Such a cute pouch - I need to make one to hold my crochet hook and yarns too!

  4. That's lovely. Well, it's nice for the bottom to be cute, too. :-)


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