Sunday 23 June 2013

.: sewing, holidaying + teaching :.

Happy holidays! - for the Queenslanders amongst you, at least - yahoo, yahoo, so happy to be on holidays!

Today we have a couple of in-progress sewing pics to share, and also - pics from our first-ever screen-printing class!! 

First up - Priscilla, Queen of the 'Burbs, moonlighting as a cockatoo-lamp.  Are you with me?  Joining her on the Curly-Pops sideboard is a little Echino owl.  I think it will all end up as a cushion cover.

And next, how awesome is this - Wonder Woman!!  The super-talented Kristy from Quiet Play called for a few pattern-testers for her new line of Lego super-hero paper-piecing patterns.  I was so on board! Kristy's patterns have the blessing of Lego, and will be available for free, from her blog.  Wonder Woman still needs a face, of course, hoping to move onto that this week.  Click through to Kristy's blog to see the start of her Lego Star Wars designs too - she's amazing!

And now - Vee and I taught our first-ever screen-printing class today, to ten gorgeous ladies from Brown Owl.  We all met up at Imogen's Art Space in Bardon - a really lovely, friendly space, which is sadly now closed - today was the very last day the space was used.  Imogen's farewell party was just last night!  

Here are a couple of pics of everyone hard at work on their designs - so many great ideas, lots of chatting and careful paper-cutting going on here.

And here are pics of nearly-everyone's fabulous prints! - I missed taking photos of a couple, which I'm really sorry about.  Take a look - and enjoy the awesome.

It was a really fun experience - we met some lovely people, learned a lot about the teaching-process, and were very inspired by everyone's ideas and cleverness.  We're looking forward to seeing pics of what everyone creates from their panels. 

Thanks so much to everyone who was able to come along today - and especially to Rebecca, who invited us along to teach.

Hope you have all had a happy weekend.   xoxo cat


  1. This is awesome. I love all the designs everyone made! Looks like you were really successful in your instruction! Did everyone draw their own designs? :-)

  2. Love how your Wonder Woman turned out - thank you for testing her for me!

    All those designs are so awesome - particularly love that little bird!!


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