Friday 16 August 2013

.: Geek Chic :.

A gorgeous, fun week in Brisbane.

Vee and I have both been to the Ekka with our families - we went on Saturday, Vee on Sunday - lots of food, rides, animals, cakes, quilts, show bags, people, fun.  We've had such beautiful weather this past Ekka week - it's like Spring has come early.    

{{my husband and youngest are up there}]
In the middle of getting the house packed up ready for painting, I've been squeezing in some sewing - with good reason!  

Remember the fabulous Retro Sunnies pattern from our last post?  The gorgeous Penny and Kerry sent me a surprise set of their new Geek Chic patterns, available now from Sew-Ichigo!  Can you imagine how excited I was to see their email? - this was the morning after I had checked both their blogs, and the Sew-Ichigo site the night before, lurking around looking for Geek Chic!  I am thrilled that these lovely, talented ladies thought to send me Geek Chic.  These patterns are just so fabulous and fun.  Here are all three pairs of specs together.

{{top to bottom - Retro Sunnies, H-Bo and EJ}}
These ones in the next pic are called 'EJ' as a tribute to Elton John.  I've pulled a heap of fabrics from my stash - anything I could find with a vague Elton John song reference - I've got more borders planned - we're talking jets, rocket men, candles, lions, matryoshkas (for Nikita ... told you there were some vague connections).  But what I really wanted was crocodiles ... I stared at and searched through my stash, muttering "surely I have crocodiles" ... but no.  Happily though - thanks to the wonderful instagram community, I have crocodile fabric flying towards me as we speak!  

{{waiting for crocodiles!}}
And these next gorgeous specs are called H-Bo - a reference to Penny and Kerry's friend Heather Bostic.  I don't know Heather, though I do follow her on instagram - so I know she is one of the amazingly talented crafty ladies from Portland.  So - I really did have to make these H-Bo specs out of fabrics designed by three other amazingly talented crafty ladies from Portland - Violet Craft, Monica Solorio-Snow and Mo Bedell

{{I love them}}
Thank you so much Penny and Kerry! - next up will be a Geek Chic mini!

Hope your week has been a good one.  Have a great weekend.  xoxo cat


  1. We try to come up every couple of years to go as the Ekka is so much fun! Love your sunnies too - Eltons ones are my favourite:)

  2. Gorgeous Ekka photo!! And love the glasses - tres chic indeed!


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