Thursday 8 August 2013

.: this week's sewing :.

Just popping in to share a little of this week's sewing.

First up - an absolutely f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s retro sunnies paper-piecing pattern by the super-talented Kerry from verykerryberry - available through the current issue 14 of awesome e-zine, Fat Quarterly.  I love this pattern, it's so happy and fun - and the fabric-possibilities are pretty endless! 

The sunnies are made from (I think) Michael Miller fluro prints - a solid and a spot.  The lenses are Chicopee ladder dot, and the sweet hula girls are from a print I snapped up through an instagram de-stash sale (but I honestly can't remember who from!).

I will definitely be making more - I'd love to make a pair with birds flying across the lenses, like in the pair that Kerry made.  I'm hoping that the birds-in-flight print from Violet Craft's new Waterfront Park line will be the perfect print to use - just need to wait til my order arrives!

Next up - more paper piecing - this time a little origami boat by Rumi of Right Patterns on Etsy.  This was a super-quick little block to sew, and I loooove it so much.  The blue starbursts are Prints Charming and the newsprint is a Spotlight find - I think it looks like a little paper boat sailing along in the stars.  

This block would be so sweet sewn up from different text prints too.  This little boat will be sewn into a zip pouch pressie for a friend from church who just welcomed her first grandchild.  

And today's sewing - one more word block for my younger daughter's quilt.  Both girls have given me a list of words they'd like in their quilts.  One by one, I'm ticking them off.  

The letters are - as always - based on the patterns in Tonya Ricucci's awesome book 'Word Play Quilts'. 

{{do you spy the fish and the turtle?}}
{{more fish, a dog-with-a-bucket-on-his-head, and a glimpse of a starry horse}}
 I am d-e-t-e-r-m-i-n-e-d to finish both quilts in time for Christmas.  There's still about 3 words each to sew up, and they've both asked for more wonky stars and churn dashes.  They didn't actually ask for churn dashes - but I've made them one each already and they liked it, and asked for "more of that one".

In other news - I finished my Sweet Pouch Swap for Kara and posted it yesterday.  After all the sneak peeks here and on instagram, we agreed no more til the swaps have been received!! Kara posted hers the day before me, so hopefully we will each receive them at the same time!! Oh.  The.  Excitement.  

And in non-sewing news - we are getting the inside of the house painted in a couple of weeks, so have been busy boxing things up, taking pictures off the wall and generally getting things organised and ready for two weeks of chaos.  It will be so worth it - all white, and we're getting wallpaper in the front hallway, and the girls have each chosen a feature colour for their rooms.

Hope your week has been a good one.  xoxo cat 


  1. What a productive week! Love your blocks, I think I need some sunglasses ;) Your daughters quilts are going to be amazing!

  2. Oh, most sweet and fantastic sun glasses!

  3. Gorgeous sunglasses! Your daughters' quilts are going to be fantastic - and good luck with the painting! We have just had most of the house plastered, and are now tackling the painting ourselves. We've gone with white as well - it looks so fresh! The rest of the house now looks so grotty though - motivation to paint it all :o)

  4. You are a paper piecing queen!!! Looks so good! :)

  5. those sunglasses are seriously awesome! I have a paper boat pattern, too. I want to make it and put it with some pirate fabric I have. Fun!


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