Sunday 15 September 2013

.: Collective magazine + an amazing swap! :.

We are very excited to share with you, that we have a cushion - yes - in the current issue of Renegade Collective magazine - the one with the gorgeous Helen Christensen on the cover. 

To save any mad, page-flicking-frenzy in your local newsagent - we are on page 63.  Can you see us?

A little bit closer now?

A little bit closer now? 

Boom!  That's us!  Nobody puts baby in the corner!  Number 22, your cushion is ready.  Thank you to the gorgeous + amazing ladies behind Renegade Collective, for including us in your fantastic mag.  If you've not discovered Collective yet - please do go and track one down - it's a fabulous read.   Particularly page 63 of issue number 4 ;-)


And in major excitement at the end of last week - a BOX-OF-GORGEOUS arrived.  Oh yes.  There are no other words to describe the fabulous, awesome contents of the box that arrived thanks to the kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity of sweet, lovely Pam and her sweet, lovely daughter Frankie.

So.  I opened the box ... whaaaaat?! ....

And this is what I found ... can you even believe the awesomeness contained within ... I do have to admit to a few tears of overwhelmed amazement. 

There are goodies for me, and oh-so-many sweet goodies for the girls.  So very generous and kind and thoughtful.  What an awesome, gorgeous pair of ladies. 

The girls are quite beside themselves at all their cute new goodies.  They can't pick a favourite - though I do have a soft spot for Hairy Otter.  And the Salt Water Taffy.  And the teeny food picks.  And the Stitch mag.  The notebooks are just too cute.  And the PamKittyMorning FABRIC!!  Love, love, love. 

The otters.  Honestly.

Can you spy the teeny tiny otters on the little thimble up there?  And I do love the koala erasers - since Pam's love of koalas is what kicked off our little swap in the first place.

So much love in a box.  Thank you Pam and Frankie.  I am so happy that we are across-the-sea-friends-thanks-to-the-magic-of-the-internet-and-instagram.  

Hope your weekend has been awesome.   xoxo cat


  1. If I had a megaphone you would hear "congratulations" :) the parcel from across the pond would bring a tear to my eye also. Just shows that amazing things happen to incredible people :)

  2. Wahoo love. That is an awesome post. xxx vee

  3. Wow! That is BRILLIANT about the mag feature! And that parcel of goodies is gigantic - lucky you!


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