Thursday 19 September 2013

.: Liberty Love pincushion, some cute coasters + a little blog-holiday :.

My love of Liberty fabric is well and truly up and running.  Unsurprisingly, I hadn't put away my little Liberty pile after finishing my spools mini-quilt - so I thought I'd whip up the log-cabin pincushion, as a second project from the fabulous Liberty Love by Alexia Marcelle Abegg

My original plan was to use mini-black-pom-poms for the trim - but I didn't have enough, and of course couldn't possibly wait to order/track down any more - so I thought I'd push out the colour-boat-to-crazy and use four different colours of not-mini pom-pom trim.  I was a little worried the pom-poms would detract from the gorgeous fabrics, but I love the whole chaos-of-colour effect that's going on.  And I haven't even added any pins to it yet! 

For the bottom, I used a gorgeous PamKittyMorning fabric from the box-of-gorgeous - I only realised how fluff-covered the fabric is once the photo uploaded, sorry.  My sewing-space is pretty chaotic, so there's plenty of fluff'n'threads everywhere - notice how all the pics I've taken lately are super-close-up ... hmmm, there's a reason for that.  

Love the fabric.  Love the pom-poms.  Love the pincushion.  Love the book.  It's a quadruple-win.

And next - I whipped up a set of coasters for a quick pressie - they're not quite all the same size, but they're all very sweet!  The centre fabric is a very cute one - but I can't remember exactly what it is.  All the borders are Denyse Schmidt, except for the orange Violet Craft/Madrona Road sprouts and the orange 'xoxo', which I think is Anna Maria Horner. 

It's the last day of term 3 tomorrow here in Queensland.  Free dress day, a spot of school work and 'Despicable Me 2' for my youngest and Vee's oldest - they're in the same class.  Free dress day, a spot of school work and no movie for my oldest and Vee's youngest ... though I'm sure there'll be plenty of last-day fun going on.  

We'll take a little blog-break over the school hols - but please don't forget our Etsy shop giveaway - details here.   Hope your week has been a good one.  See you soon.  cat xoxo


  1. LOVE the coasters- I make really scrappy ones usually, but think I'll try the same fabrics for a set of my own. I love using them, so cute. Love the in cushion too, I find the log cabin fascinating, and hard to do as well- I got off track and add big chunks and get all scrappy. I need a pattern I think!

  2. Oh, I emant the same fabrics for all 6 coasters, not the same as yours! Though I like them, that may seem a bit wierd....

  3. Adorable and most cute pin cushion! I love how you used different colour pom-poms and little patches! Also the coasters are beautiful - make me want to sew some! x Teje


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