Saturday 8 February 2014

.: the catch-up post about the DUDQS :.

So I haven't written a blog post since before Christmas ... we flew out to the USA on December 27th, and had an awesome three weeks over there.  I'll post about that soon.  Since getting home, we've been busy catching up on all the to-do things, getting back to work, to school - including starting high school, gah! - and just generally getting stuff done.  

There's so much to catch up on and share here, but in looking back through recent posts, I realised I haven't yet shared the mini I made for round 4 of the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap! - this is what I made for the lovely Kirsten (who is a fellow bee in our AusModBee - I was very happy when I saw she was my partner!).  The pattern is 'Starburst Spools' by ChariseCreates.  Get ready for lots of pics. 

Of course, I've now realised I don't have a pic of the gorgeous mini I received from Rebecca - I will include it as part of my next post, but in the meantime, please click through and take a look at Rebecca's pic on Flickr.  It's really gorgeous - I love the design, fabrics + colours.  Rebecca included a few Bonnie + Camille fat quarters too! 

Happy weekend to you all, and happy 2014 ... a little late in saying that.  We saw in the new year at Disney World in Orlando! - gosh that seems like ages ago now.  'til next time, xoxo cat

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