Monday 3 March 2014

.: la la la love these :.

So I have a little musically-themed project on the go - and what better pattern to use, than Kristy's fabulous musical set, available in her Craftsy shop?

So far, I have made the double-quaver and the quaver.  I looooove them. 

I had planned to just use white/cream/tan musical notes for the background, but as always, I had trouble concentrating when using just one background shade and had to bring in some colour.  There's a fairly musical-theme going on in much of the background fabrics, including Amy's mix tapes and jukebox designs, both available in her Spoonflower shop

I'm loving Pam's spots too, and Amy's fortune cookie fortunes, and the ballet girls (they are from Frances' Miss Matatabi shop).  And Violet's Madrona Road, and the sweet Kei print + macarons from PolkaDotTea

It was good to sew the blocks while watching Live From the Red Carpet, and then the Oscars! - it's years since I've been able to be home to see a bit of live red-carpet dress action, and actually not know who wins the Oscars before glimpsing them on the news update at night.  All in all, a good day.  Hope your week has started well too - we even had rain up here today, which made the day even better!  xoxo cat 


  1. Hi! These are fantastic and I love the background Fabrics! x Teje

  2. They look great! I was hoping to watch the Oscars tonight but they are on soooo late :( I will tape it and watch it tomorrow night.


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