Saturday 1 March 2014

.: a coupla pressies to share :.

A couple of pressies to share with you today.

First up, a library bag (+ books!) for Vee's gorgeous son, whose birthday is next week.  I KNOW that a library bag + books are not the most exciting of pressies for a small boy, but we figure the baby-Star Wars fabric + the lovely time to be had reading the books together, will make up for it ... hmmmm ....  yep, no bright lights, loud noises, or Skylandery type gear going on here. 

Here's a close-up of the fab fabric - click here if you would like to click through and buy some for yourself.  It comes in blue and pink colourways too! 

And next - and last - it's not like it's been a pressie-making-frenzy around here, there's just the two - a project-sized lined drawstring bag, from the excellent pattern by Jeni from In Color Order

This is for my sister-in-law, who is a fairly recent knitter - she took a series of classes, and then took off like a rocket.  She doesn't crochet, so I thought that using the crochet-square fabric from Spotlight would be kind of funny.  The blue fabric is Lizzy House's pearl bracelets, and the pink drawstrings are from the fabulous Prints Charming collection for Spotlight.  

And the lining is a Suzuko Koseki print.  The wool is just for the photos - the bag is such a great size, it comfortably holds 5, 6, 7 balls of wool.  Plus, I guess, knitting needles, or crochet-hooks, and other woolly-project needs ... all of which shall forever remain a mystery to me. 

That's it from me for the weekend.  Gosh the weekends seem even more precious, now that our oldest has started high school.  Life is so much busier and crazier during the week, so each weekend provides some greatly needed down-time for all of us.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend too.  xoxo cat


  1. Perfect gifts, the crochet look granny square fabric is really different, perfect for a project bag :) Weekends are always my favourite, easy meals, easy days :)

  2. The baby Star Wars fabric is so cute! Love the crochet/knitting project bag too:)


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