Friday 25 April 2014

.: feel good Friday :.

Vee and I have been talking about starting some regular posts in this space ... possibly because that would actually make us commit to regular blogging ... but also to try and expand what we share here.

As you've probably noticed, neither of us like to share much of our family/private lives in this space.  It's pretty much all about our cat&vee stuff, and sewing - which is great - but we'd like to go a little crazy and share some more stuff - design, stuff we love that other people are doing, books, food, travel, who knows, let's just get started and see what happens.  We won't necessarily be sharing any family/private life stuff! - I should say that up front - but we think that through sharing all sorts of different things, beyond our own creations, you can get a little more of an idea about us.  Hopefully that's a good thing ... 

So.  Welcome to our first 'feel good Friday' post.  These Friday posts will be about anything 'feel good', to kick-start the weekend.  Since we just thought of this today, we're keeping it simple and easy with a few holiday pics ... of mine ... since we had a fabulous holiday in the USA over December/January and I'm pretty sure I've never shared ANY of that here!  

I've tried to keep it to one pic per holiday-event, so don't click away too quickly, thinking you're about to get an endless holiday slide-show!  

We flew via LAX to Orlando, Florida - of course to go to Disneyworld and to Universal Studios, solely to go to Harry Potter-land.

[husband + girls dancing with Frozone at Disneyworld]
[the entrance to a ride at Harry Potter-land ... we waited TWO AND A HALF HOURS in line for this ride!]
Next, we flew to San Francisco.  The absolute hands-down highlight of San Francisco, was having lunch with the gorgeous Pam, Bret and Frankie.  They are SO lovely, fun and kind, it was an absolute joy to meet them.  We loved San Francisco.  We stayed at Ghirardelli Square, which had THREE Ghirardelli chocolate shops.  Alcatraz was extraordinary, we all wished we had more time there.  Fisherman's Wharf was fantastic - all the seals at Pier 39 were just so amazing - and very stinky - to see.  And we ducked into Art Attack SF - the home of Turtle Wayne! (which you will know is awesome, if you follow him on instagram).  We met Turtle Wayne (yes, I was the stalky woman from Australia, asking "are you Turtle Wayne"?), and he did a quick drawing of Turtle Opera House for us, he was so sweet.  We did all the other touristy things too - rode on a cable car, walked up and drove down Lombard Street, took lots of pics of the Painted Ladies ...  I'd go back in a flash.  

Then we drove to Monterery - what a gorgeous place! - Frankie had gone to college in Monterey, so had lots of local tips about things to do and see.  Our absolute favourite was the Monterey Bay Aquarium - look at these jelly-fish! 

And we had lunch in Carmel one day, where the girls found this sweet carving in a little fence overlooking the beach ... actually it was on a little fence I was leaning over to try and take pics looking across to Pebble Beach golf course!  I was hoping to bump into Clint Eastwood, but, shame, he was hiding from random tourists.

We drove down the Big Sur highway to Santa Barbara.  This might have been my husband's highlight, as he loves cars.  And driving.  Long distances.  It was definitely amazing.  Some of the houses, perched right on the edge of sheer cliffs - I just can't work out how they even got planning permission, let alone were built!

And then we drove to Las Vegas.  We'd never been to Las Vegas before.  The best things?  Our helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon - we landed IN the Grand Canyon and had a little glass of champagne.  The girls had juice.  Awesome + amazing.  The Grand Canyon-experience, I mean, not the girls having juice.   And it was awesome to fly over the Hoover Dam too - I'd love to drive there one day to take a good look around.

[we were in a line of I think, 5 helicopters, all flying along, dropping down into the Grand Caynon]
And we saw a couple of shows - a fun Chinese-acrobat-panda show, and the Cirque de Soleil Beatles Love show.  Just so fabulous.  And we (well, I) looooooved the outlet shopping - I can't get enough of Kate Spade handbags, bangles, wallets, purses, key rings, mugs, note books, everything.  Love her.

So - through some holiday-to-reality-segue - I hope you're now feeling good and ready for the weekend.  Have a good one.  xoxo cat

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