Thursday 24 April 2014

.: sewtakeahikeundies-a-thon :

The very lovely + talented Penny from Sewtakeahike shared her undies pattern with us all.  There have been so many fun + funny undies popping up everywhere - if you are on instagram, take a look at #sewtakeahikeundies.

I copied the undies-template into a couple different sizes, then made little plastic templates so I could work out some fun fussy-cuts for all my undies.  Originally, I was going to make some zip-pouches for travelling, but then I decided I wanted to sew all the undies into just a couple of bags which I can use more often ... oh, the possibilities ... 

Once again, I turned to Jeni's fabulous lined-drawstring-bag tutorial.  I've made two undies-bags for me - one with two undies, and one with four.  Let the undies-a-thon begin.

['hairstyle lady' is from "Good Intentions" by Cerigwen on Spoonflower]
['daily reminder undies' are also from 'Good Intentions']
[undies for those bah humbug! days ... wish I had more of this fabric, it was a scrap-pressie from someone, I just can't remember who!]
[I LOVE this cat!  So wish I'd bought more of this fabric]
[for those days where you are feeling secretly superior ... ]
[time to spruce up ... ]
And here are way too many pics of the bags ... I followed Jeni's instructions, except for a specific size - I sewed a 'front piece' and then worked out my lining measurements based on that. 

[mug + pencils for size-reference ... how much are you loving the Kate Spade mug ... yep, me too]

[the lining for this one is a gorgeous Tula Pink, and the drawstrings are fab Prints Charming for Spotlight]
[the back - Violet Craft Waterfront Park on top, Denyse Schmidt Chicopee on the bottom - love them both] 
[my favourite Prints Charming lime green starbursts for the lining, and Tula Pink for the drawstrings]

I don't even think my undies-obsession is over ... I have the templates stashed away ready to make some more, once I've ticked a few other things off my to-do list.  Hope you all have a very happy weekend.  xoxo cat

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  1. These are wonderful - definitely need to make some cute bags for our bras and undies when we go away!


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