Friday 9 May 2014

Feel Good Friday….not for Vee!

Lovely Cat is off having a 'feel good Friday'.  She has been industriously helping out at our kids' school today on the Mothers' Day stand, had a chicken burger from tuckshop and managed to get herself down to the netball courts to cheer on our daughters' team in the inter-school sports comp.

Me, however.  My kids woke up with 'sickness' pouring from both ends…eeeew,  we had no food in the house so I had to drag them off down to the supermarket for an emergency shop where they both had mini-melt downs AND promptly decided to be on their worst EVER behaviour. This comical scene was only enhanced by me 'losing my sh!t' and just when things could NOT get any better - it was all witnessed by my sister-in-law and her lovely, calm, happy 3 year old.

So, not feeling too good on Friday right about now I've decided to post our new cat and vee cushion panel sized fabric designs (which, luckily for my children, are not big enough to strangle them with!!)

Two new ranges. 
'I love to love you' which is in our etsy store right now and our 'Welcome to Crazytown' range 
which will be in store at the end of next week. 

I Love to Love you. 45 cm cushion panel $20 bucks. Bargain!

I love to love you spotty cushion Panel. 45 cm. $20

I love to love you. Hugs and Kisses 45cm cushion panel. $20

Crazytown. Love you like crazy. 45cm cushion panel. Here next week.

Crazytown. Manny Hoot. 45cm cushion panel. Here next week.

Crazytown. Bear Grools. 45cm cushion panel. Here next week.

Crazytown. Teddy Fox. 45cm cushion panel. Here next week.

So to all of you lovely ladies, have a very happy mother's day on Sunday. 
My hubby asked me "what do you want for mother's day"……I replied "no husband, no kids, day to myself"……"ha" he said "what do you really want?"……I know, just kidding right??

NO menopause, no husband, no kids, day to myself!!!!

xoxo vanita

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  1. Geez sorry you had a terrible day Vee. I had previously looked at this post but didn't read it because I just loved your panels. Lol


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