Wednesday 28 May 2014

.: so not watching the State of Origin :.

The first State of Origin game is on tonight in Brisbane.  For those of you lucky enough not to know what that means - it's an annual series of three rugby league games played between representative teams from NSW and Queensland.  Queensland has won the series for the last eight years in a row.  So much media hype, so many endless newspaper pages devoted to it, so much air time on TV, and I just couldn't care less.  (Do I fess up now and say I'm from NSW, living in a house-hold of Queenslanders?)  And I'm not ready to commit to 'Offspring' yet - still not over Patrick dying - well, not really - so I'm ignoring all TV tonight and am online instead! 

I'm sewing up a super-sized tote bag to take along to Camille's upcoming class at TQES.  I've used two of our panels - one for each side - and a whole heap of Thimbleblossom/Bonnie+Camille fabrics, plus some other favourites - PamKittyMorning, Aunty Cookie, Umbrella Prints, Lizzy House, Prints Charming, Tula Pink, Alison Glass, Carrie Bloomston, Happy Zombie.  

Very happy with how they're looking.  And now I'm off to catch up on some Bloglovin'!  Happy not-watching-the-State-of-Origin-Wednesday to you all.  xoxo cat

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  1. Im so not a fan of the State Of Origin as well, we dont even watch it :) Though I should confess we are a house of AFL die hard fans hahahahah (Hubby and son are, I watch ) Your up and coming class sounds so exciting, Im envious :/ Love the bag as well :)


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