Thursday 11 September 2014

.: teeny tiny Ohio Star :.

Just popping in to share a teeny tiny Ohio Star for Elizabeth in our Wee Bee.   Elizabeth asked for Chicopee stars (or fabrics with similar colours to Chicopee), with a low volume background.  She very kindly also emailed us a paper-piecing pattern for the star, as it's TINY - only 4 1/2 "!  

[darn that rogue thread ... do you see it?!]
I'm planning a second star for Elizabeth, hopefully starting tonight, since there's a bit of choice viewing on TV to sew along to. 

Hope your week's been a good one  xoxo cat


  1. very cute, i have been on a mini block kick. just look so cute small

  2. Oh how tiny is that hahahahaah Love the text background, it just makes the bright colours shine :)


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