Tuesday 9 December 2014

.: Handmade Christmas - let's get this party started :.

Ever since I started sewing, I've had Christmases where EVERY gift I give has to be handmade, and then others where for whatever reason - time, mood, life, a too-hot summer to be sewing - I don't have the same handmade-gift-giving-obsession.

This year is a handmade year (despite it being a very humid, hot summer so far ...).  Not EVERY gift will be handmade but a lot of them will be - bags, coasters, mini-quilts, cushions, zip-pouches.  So let's start with this one - a tote bag for my younger daughter's very fabulous + awesome teacher. 

I wanted to use one of our cat&vee panels for the back, so I cut a piece of batting a little larger than the panel, and made a quilt-as-you-go piece for the front.  I started with the Melody Miller typewriter and went from there, slowly choosing and adding favourites.

I sewed a strip to go across the top, and then added it as a whole piece.  This teacher is an absolute favourite, she has now taught both my girls and we're very blessed to have been in her class. 

For the lining and pocket, I used fabrics to make her think of her grand-daughter, Lily! - are you with me on the lily-pads line-of-thought?

For the handles, I pieced fabrics that would go well with the bag's front and back.  I'd run out of interface, so lined them with strips of calico, which seems to have worked just fine.

And for the back of the tote - our 'Stand Out from the Crowd' panel, which is just perfect for this gorgeous lady.

I'll be back to share a few more pressies over the next few days.  Are you having a handmade Christmas, or are you off to find a few goodies at the shops instead?  A mix of both is usually my favourite thing to do.  xoxo cat


  1. just gorgeous ! lucky teacher.

  2. What a lucky teacher :) the lining is perfect, heck the whole bag is just great :)

  3. I intended to have a homemade Christmas as the amount of plastic given to my nephews last year frightened me. But then I went to Japan, and got sick when I got home, and I had to mail everything this year as I'm not moving out of my postcode for Christmas, so I gave up. But I have good intentions for next year! Plus all my friends get home-baked gifts from me (usually granola) if they live locally. I love this bag and your daughter's teacher is really very lucky! Perfect size.

  4. This is just perfect Cat - love the use of your own panel and the patchwork with all the hidden meanings and images. Love your work!


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