Friday 30 October 2015

.: Farmer's Wife Friday - week 5 :.

Five weeks and twelve blocks down, eighty-seven to go! This week we sewed Granny and Jenny - or Granny Jenny as I've been thinking of them. 

First up was Granny, which I've sewn in Lizzy House's Castle Peeps with Cotton + Steel blenders in the middle.  Very happy to have a Castle Peeps block in my quilt! - but if I could change one thing, I'd switch out the middle orange for a good light blue.  I paper-pieced Granny, so I could get my Peeps-orientation right.

And then came Jenny, which combines an endless chase of Cotton + Steel rabbits, Aneela Hoey turtles and the sweet snails which came from a selvedge-less remnant, so I'm not sure who they are by - please let me know if you know so I can credit the designer! 

The block tutorials this week can be found here:

Granny - Angie and Rachel
Jenny - Angie, Peta and Tonya

Hope you've all had a great week and are gearing up for a fun weekend - do you do Halloween at your house? We'll be having a pretty low-key get together with neighbourhood friends - drinks and snacks in the driveway, with bowls of goodies ready and waiting for all the trick or treaters.  xoxo cat


  1. Beautiful! :)
    Think the snails are Lutus Pond by Cloud9?

  2. I think the snails are from Rae? Lotus Pond, Cloud 9, that designer?


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