Saturday 24 October 2015

.: I love, you love pineapples :.

Do you know Justine Clarke's song 'Watermelon'?  We had Justine's 'I Like to Sing' CD on repeat when the girls were younger, so this song popped into my head when I was uploading my pineapple cushions pics - pineapples get a cameo in the song, it's not all watermelons all the time.  For your listening + viewing pleasure, I've popped a You Tube video of 'Watermelon' at the end of the post :-)

And back to the pineapples.  I made this pair of pineapple cushions to be a raffle prize in a recent mother + daughter school event - so figured they really had to be mother + daughter pineapples - totally makes sense to me.

The pineapple pattern is by Jackie Padesky, who is @jackiepadeskyquilts on Instagram, but she isn't otherwise online as far as I can work out.  It's a great little pattern - the mother pineapple is the actual pattern size, and the daughter pineapple is half-sized, so I popped it on a little shelf. 

Jackie's pineapple has become so well known so quickly in the land of Instagram, it's even made it onto its very own Stately Type t-shirt - of course I've bought one from Holly + David, it's arrived and I'm loving it. 

The cushions finished at just under 20 inches square, so I used 22 inch inserts so they'd be nice and plumpish.  For the backs, I used a cotton drill with big yellow spots from Spotlight, and a grey zipper.

Here's hoping the mother + daughter pineapple cushions will bring some summery awesome to someone's lounge.  As promised, here's Justine.  Have a great weekend.  xoxo cat


  1. They will perk up a loungeroom or bedroom for sure :) Lovely items to donate for a raffle.

  2. Those pineapples match your blog wallpaper perfectly! They turned out beautifully, I'm sure they'll go great guns at the raffle. Thanks for the flash back to Justine, she's still a favourite in our house (due to having a 4 yr old among us). x x

  3. These are amazing Cat! Love the smaller sized pineapple and the canvas backing is just perfect!!

  4. love love love your pineapples - such a fabulous idea to make a smaller one too !! the big spots for the back are just perfect !

  5. Fantastic happy pillows with a great backside


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