Sunday 23 October 2011

:: cross-eyed ::

union jack for lovely K by cat&vee
union jack for lovely K, a photo by cat&vee on Flickr.

I am going cross-eyed from the amount of 'production-line-sewing' I've done this weekend, so am taking a computer+wine break. Ah, quality time.

No one loves a post without a pic, so here's one I made earlier ... totally unrelated to this weekend's sewing ... a Union Jack cushion made for our lovely friend K. I so love it, particularly the Sweetwater Authentic text fabric. Vee and I are both hoarding that fabric and hoping our stash never runs out ...

We're on track for the Christmas Market being held at a local school on Friday, 18 November. This weekend has been all about coasters, sewing kits and drawstring bags for our made by mee cushiony friend kits, and fancy that jewellery kits.

I haven't run a needle through my finger a'la'Vee (so loved the pic of her band-aid finger, with wine lurking in the background), but I have burnt my thumb on the iron, and broken a needle courtesy of the zipper foot.

And now it's back to the sewing ... as soon as I finish my wine.

Happy weekend everyone xoxo cat

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