Saturday 15 October 2011

Finally!!! Cushions for Marilyn.

Letter to my mum.....

Hi Mum,

It's your slack daughter here.......yes, me, the one who has been meaning to make you cushions for the last year!!   

I know you thought I had forgotten, but the truth is, every time I looked at all that white in the cute owl fabric I struggled with sewing you some plain cushions to match your stylish bedroom. 

I know you really LOVED that Alexander Henry Hoot - I started with that cute little owl in the centre of the 'London to Paris' cushion and voila...this is what you've ended up with.  

A word of advice - pack a bigger suitcase when you come to visit and if you don't love these cushions I shall sell them at our Christmas Markets and buy you some from Pillow Talk!!

We can't wait to see you in two weeks.
Travel safe.

Love and kisses, 
your 'slack ar$e' daughter vee

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