Sunday 23 October 2011

This is what the inside of my head looks like!

As the lovely Cat has just revealed.....we are busy, busy, busy sewing our butts off for our market stall on the 18th of November.  I was going to say 'sewing our little butts off' but let me tell you...sewing makes you fat so I am really going to have to fit in more exercise this week as I don't want to have to go out and buy bigger jeans.

I have whipped up these 'little numbers'  over the last few days and am stuck choosing a name for this range.....'crazy-ar$e cutesies' is what springs to mind but as we are family friendly I shall have to come up with a name that contains no rude words.

Yesterday my lovely hubby Doug took me to the Eagle Farm races in Brisbane and we had a gorgeous afternoon at a function in 'The Laboratory' chatting, betting and sipping 'bubbles. me old and I haven't been to the races for a year or two - but  I was absolutely 'gobsmacked' when we walked through the main gates at around noon and I noticed quite a few 'young ladies' missing the bottom half of their dresses and performing gravity-defying-stunts by teetering on REALLY high heels.  

Sadly I do not have any photographic evidence as I did not want to be exposed on the evening news as some kind of pervert who takes saucy photo's.

Anyway...6pm and leaving the track bought a whole new realm of 'entertainment' and what I also want to know is......... Are there are a bunch of 'adult entertainers' running around Brisbane looking to get their outfits back!?

have a fabulous week all.
xoxo vee 

p.s....Kim, Khloe and have ALOT to answer for!

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