Tuesday 8 November 2011

Rip Sh!t and Bust and oh yes!! the Mother of all Cushions

I'm not sure if I've confessed this..but yes....I am what's known as a 'Rip Sh!t and Bust' sewist. (Is that even a word?? Was going to write sewer..but sounds like I'm in the toilet!!)

I recently posted a blog with a framed 'cat and vee' sign that I had whipped together for our christmas markets....yes, I was entrusted with this task and was, might I say,  feeling quite 'gleeful' at accomplishing a finished fabric-sewn sign...ONLY to come home from holidays a week later to find it terribly buckled and warped from using the WRONG glue. 

In my mind I knew it was the wrong glue - but in such a hurry for 'instant gratification' I risked some dodgy shortcuts...which in the end did not pay off.

So..what to do??  Frame wrecked. (sorry could not bear to take photo. In my R S B fashion I immediately ripped out the fabric and tossed away the frame.  Couldn't bear to look at it for a second longer. You know...'out of sight - out of mind'.)  Decided in a PMT moment! to make a cushion out of the remains....Yes...the 'Mother of all Cushions'.

so here it is....and now I only hope there is room on the market table for the stuff we actually want to sell!!

xoxo vee 

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