Saturday 5 November 2011

...while the cat's away....

Technically the heading should read...while 'cat wasn't away......vee did play'!!

Yes! happy holidays to me.

Whilst Cat has been slaving over her beloved Bernina for 5 or so hours a day this week....I have been 'skiving' off and having a most fabulous time away.

And as I sit here reflecting and rested I vow that this will be the last night that my kids have 'tiny teddies' for dinner. 

A mad dash to rebook airline seats last Sunday (due to the grounding of the Flying kangaroo) saw us land in a very chilly Melbourne on Monday morning with the realisation that I had packed a fabulous, very summery Camilla Franks Caftan to wear. First stop was D.J's for thermals, and let me tell you, it's hard to look glam at the best of times....but with 2 layers of Merino wool + the nancy gantz 'suck in everything pants + the long johns AND a body 'alive' with static more need to be said on that). We did notice a lot of 'tangerine' ladies at the races. (I didn't realise that 'Orange was the new Black' this season!)

On the 'home straight now' ...we are relaxing at the beach for one more day before we head home to school, sewing, work, study and the much missed iPad if you are three!!!

Have missed you Cat.  See you Monday.

xoxo vee

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