Sunday 27 November 2011

:: long time no post::

It's been so long since I posted, I nearly forgot how to log in to Blogger .... nah, not really, but it's been a while.

Vee and I caught up for coffee this week and a market-debrief.  Oh my GOSH we had a fabulous market night!!  Over 800 people came through the door, so it was a little overwhelming, but so much FUN, setting up our stall, then chatting with all our lovely customers.  We barely had time to sip our champagnes, it was just so busy.  Here are a few pics of our stall:

Are you loving Vee's massive catandvee cushion?  We had one person ask if it was for sale ... (it's not).

Check out our brand new stamp, are you loving it?  Probably not as much as we are ... We bought it here.   We made 80 of the little jewellery kits, and only had three left, so we were really happy about that - we sewed so many drawstring-bags and were very pleased they went home with other people!

Here are a few close-up pics of our stall:

Phew.  So much fun.

In other sewing news, I've been busy this weekend sewing up two quilt tops (well, really, they're only 'throws', they're not that big).  They're for Christmas pressies for my kids' two fabulous teachers at school.  I'll post more pics when they're finished, but here are the fronts:
This one is for Mrs D - it's a disappearing nine-patch, using most of a Punctuation by American Jane layer-cake, with a border using precious jelly-roll strips from the Urban Chiks 1974 line. 

And I've had quandries over this one, for Miss B.  It's most of a Terrain by Kate Spain layer-cake.  I sewed it together first, just as basic cake-squares, and it was all finished, ready to roll.  But I wasn't quite happy with it, so sliced into it with the rotary cutter and re-sewed all the strips together.  I'm leaving it overnight and think I'll add a border tomorrow - I bought all the colour-ways of the gorgeous 'tear-drop' fabric in half-yards - it was supposed to be for binding, but I think it will stretch to borders as well. 

I love making quilts - small quilts - but I don't love following patterns, and much prefer really basic designs that let the fabrics speak for themselves.  Well - either that or I'm really lazy and am super-bad at the precision cutting and sewing required for points to match up and patterns to come together nicely... 

Hope your weekend has been happy.  Roll on school holidays, they can't come soon enough.    xoxo cat

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  1. Gorgeous array of products you had at the market stall. I'm sorry I missed seeing it in real life. I'd love to see what you come up with after a relaxing break!


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