Saturday 3 December 2011

our store offline until early 2012

Yesterday afternoon there was a lot of 'ho ho ho' and general end of week good cheer (yes...that would be a 'Friday arvie playdate' ....and 'raucous would include the mums!)  

However, unlike yesterday afternoon I am not as 'wordy' this morning. Did consume one (or two or perhaps five!!) glasses of bubbles with cat and lovely friends yesterday afternoon. What a sensational way to end the week though.

I did get my daughters teachers present made which is the front and back shots of the cushion above. The lovely & clever Cat is ever so generous and has made Mrs D a quilt so I have decided a 'sort of matching' cushion would be a nice addition.

The gorgeous bunting you see above is a 'Rob Ryan' creation and I have strictly forbid cat from staring at it and admiring it too long for reasons that will reveal themselves soon!!

So...friends....we are taking a nice break over school holidays and will return in early 2012 with our new etsy store....we were very fortunate to have amazing support at our xmas market with some follow up orders so thankfully have 'not much' left to show for it.

have a happy and crafty weekend xoxo cat & vee

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